Promotional art for ProCreate "Savage Interactive"

ProCreate Timelapse

I've worked on couple of promotional Speedpaintings for Savage Interactive's Awesome @procreate app back in the 2017 almost a year ago, they finally released those art on their Commercials and In App, so i thought to share some progress and videos with you guys! The goal was to use Procreate on iPadpro to make that same level of polish and mastery of colors that I'm creating with photoshop. All of them speed paintings so its not taking more than 1-2 hours,
I must admit it was challenging at beginning, but its get so much easier after a few hours! the possibility of this app is just insane, you can almost do anything! in fact I'm using my iPad Pro more and more after this! For personal and client works! these images are created entirely on Procreate 4.1 app using a first generation iPadPro.

I also included the Video Time-lapse here plus other promotional artworks.

The Soundtrack that been used for Time-lapse is from Mass Effect Andromeda "A Trail of Hope"