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Posterized version

Posterized version

/BLUE GATE/ A Journey to the Realm of Dreams /

For me creating personal art has always been a channel to my dreams and emotions that exist deep within me, a form of expression, and through art I’ve been able to live the dream and collect all my emotions coded into colors and forms. A therapy!

I never had a diary, I always failed to put them in words, but for me the body of my personal work has become my diary over the years, Each one of them are pages of the book of my life and they carry deeper messages and remind me of a certain point of my life! So when I go back to them it feels like remembering all those dreams and emotions I had when I created them ( I always remember like it was yesterday).

What’s more interesting to me is that even though you guys won’t get what these codes are and what’s been written within each piece but you can come up with your own stories, dreams and emotions, suddenly it can be more than it’s original meaning and becomes universal and carries different stories depending on the soul who reads it. With all this I hope you get connected with it, and follow me through this journey to the realm of dreams , what mystery could be unfold when we pass this gate, will come to light later on...

Sorry for long note, I usually keep it simple here but I thought to share this time :)