Its been almost 2 years I'm working on a personal project called Anomaly ,Shaping it up, doing sketches and concepts, its been months now that me and a fellow friend Lucas Thorn ( author) working on the story and everything, so many concepts and artworks that i love to share but we will keep the most Concepts as secret, mainly there are speed-paintings on my portfolio. if your a fan of sci-fi as I do you gonna love this universe we're creating. Im working on a graphic-art book which includes visual guide and concept art of the Anomaly universe alongside short stories all around it, I hope we can pull it off cause its becoming my everyday passion and its really hard to work on personal things when you have to pay your bills so I really squeezing my time for this one. hope you enjoy this concept art showing the very first monolith that humans found deep beneath the pacific waves, now holding it at ArmendaVII Base, Also please check out the "INTRO" Script too. Story by Lucas Thorn